Cannasseur Boys

We are a multidisciplinary team with over 20 years of experience in the industry, we specialize in growing, extraction and manufacturing medical cannabis products under the highest standards always pushing the science forward.

Our approach consistently produces measurably superior cannabis with greater yields at lower costs for our clients. Our company is aligned with core values related to social, environmental, and economic principles, our clients and their communities prosper in all areas of cannabis operation

Areas of expertise:

  • Medical Cannabis Cultivation Operations
  • Industry compliance Commercial business security
  • Business safety Organic cultivation methodologies
  • Post-cultivation best practices
  • Large volume cannabis yield
  • Employing experienced and reliable professionals
  • Quality cannabis product
  • Developing outstanding standard operating procedures and best practices

Product Manufacturing and extraction:

  • Professional, efficient extraction and manufacturing training and safety of employees, testing lab workers, consumers, and the facility’s community
  • Creation of distinctive, high-quality extract products
  • Proper extraction and manufacturing methodology and production machinery
  • High-quality production strategies
  • Safe processing and extraction procedures
  • Effective research and development practices
  • Retail and medical dispensary access and knowledge

Healthcare and Medical education Expertise

  • Cannabinoid medicine specialist  Doctor
  • 5 + years of international experience with medical cannabis
  • Research, development & manufacture of medical products
  • Over 1000 patients successfully treated
  • Ability to train and educate Doctors and Healthcare professionals
  • Public speaking and advocacy for medical cannabis